This questionnaire provides us with the information we need in order to start to prepare a Will on your behalf.

Some sections are very short and should not take more than a couple of minutes to complete. Other sections, for example where we require more detailed financial information about your assets, will take longer.

We suggest that you familiarise yourself with the different parts of the form in advance so that you can assemble the information required in order to complete each section fully. This is important as there is no facility to save your answers and return to the page at a later date. However, fields may automatically populate and remember previous input if the autofill feature is enabled in your web browser.

We ask that you provide your full name on each page so that we are able to assemble all the information relating to you into one document once all sections are completed. This way you are also able to complete and submit different sections rather than having to do the entire questionnaire all in one sitting.

After you have completed each section, please ensure that you use the SUBMIT button at the bottom of each page so that the information is not lost before proceeding to the next section.

Section 1: Personal Information

Section 2: Existing Will

Section 3: Funeral Wishes

Section 4: Executors

Section 5: Your Family

Section 6: Guardians

Section 7: Gifts

Section 8: Residuary Estate

Section 9: Your Assets & Tax Planning

Section 10: UK Assets

Section 11: Foreign Assets

Section 12: Money Owed

Section 13: Miscellaneous