This questionnaire provides us with the information we need in order for us to draft a constitution and complete the Charity Commission application.

All the questions are mandatory unless indicated otherwise. Where a mandatory question is not applicable for the proposed charity, please insert “N/A”.  

Some of the information will be made public on the register of charities. We have indicated where sensitive personal information will be made public.

The first page needs to be completed by all applicants. The following additional three pages should only be completed if relevant for your particular charity. 

We suggest that you familiarise yourself with the various questions in advance so that you can gather any necessary information required in order to complete each question fully.

We ask that you provide your full name on each separate page so that we are able to assemble all the information relating to you into one document once all the relevant applicable sections have been completed.

After you have completed each section, please ensure that you use the SUBMIT button at the bottom of each page so that the information is not lost before proceeding to the next section. This is important as there is no facility to save your answers and return to the page at a later date. However, fields may automatically populate and remember previous input if the autofill feature is enabled in your web browser.

Section 1: General Information (to be completed in all instances)

Section 2: Additional questions for grant-making charities

Section 3: Additional questions for religious charities 

Section 4: Additional questions for overseas aid charities