Registered Charity Number: 1061760

Peter Boizot M.B.E. the founder of the Pizza Express Group invented the Veneziana Pizza in 1977.

This was his response to the disastrous flooding in Venice on the night of 4th/5th November 1966. In 1997, following a 20 year collaboration between Pizza Express and the Venice in Peril Fund, a British charity set up to help with the restoration of Venice after the flood, it was decided that the time had come to share the income from the sale of the Veneziana Pizza with heritage projects in the UK. Therefore the Veneziana Fund was formed and registered as a charity in 1997.

Since then the Veneziana Fund has been receiving all donations from the sale of the Veneziana Pizza.

The Veneziana Fund has successfully supported many restoration works in Venice while in the UK it has funded heritage projects focusing on the preservation, restoration, repair and maintenance of buildings originally constructed before 1750 and works of art made before 1750.

From January 2019 the Fund switched it’s focus and together with Pizza Express, supports charities who are involved in ‘music therapy’ and/or the development and nurturing of music talent. Please note that the Fund only supports two projects/charities and the selection process is conducted internally within Pizza Express. Therefore it is not an open bid and unfortunately there will be no opportunities to apply.