Registered Charity Number: 259569
Formerly known as The Woodlands Trust

Online applications for the October 2023 Field Family Trustee meeting are now CLOSED.

The next scheduled meeting of the Trustees will take place in October 2023
The Trustees require all applicants to submit their application online.
If you had started but not completed an application for the October 2023 meeting, the information you entered will have been saved and you will be able to complete the form for the next meeting in April 2024.
Applications for the April 2024 meeting will open in mid-January 2024

Aim and objectives

Who do we support?

Grants are given to registered local charities operating in the West Midlands and London within the boundaries of the M25. The Trustees’ interests lie with projects related to vulnerable young people between the ages of 13-25 and the Elderly. The Trustees are happy to consider applications for a wide variety of purposes, such as outreach, engagement, equipment, furnishings, running costs, helplines. In regards to projects targeting vulnerable young people, the Trustees have a special interest in supporting NEET youth and in the prevention of young people from offending as well as in the integration/rehabilitation of ex-offenders. Grants to cover the cost of buildings are not considered. However, furnishings, equipment and alterations to existing buildings to comply with health and safety regulations are favoured.

The Trustees do set aside a small amount of their annual income for continuing grants for revenue funding of projects of which they have personal knowledge and fall within their geographical area and criteria.


The Trustees do not consider applications from charities with an income of over £1M and/or free unrestricted reserves to the value of more than one year of the applicant organisations’ annual expenditure. Local charities are favoured over national ones.

How much do we give?

In the financial year ending 5 April 2022 the Trustees authorised 11 grants totalling £50,000. Grants range from £1,000 to £5,000 according to the need and the project. Multi-year funding is also considered.


When to apply?

The Trustees meet twice a year to consider applications for funding, in April and October. Application forms and supporting documentation must be submitted at least 6 weeks before the date of the next meeting.

How to apply?

The Trustees require all applicants to submit their application online.

If you had started an online application when submissions were closed, the information will have been saved and you will be able to access and complete the unfinished form when the Trustees begin accepting applications for the next meeting in October.

If you have any queries please contact the Trust Administrator. 

What to include with your application?

The following documents should be uploaded with your application form:

A copy of your most recent signed accounts, a budget for the project for the current financial year and, if you are applying for a salary, a job description. Draft accounts are not accepted. Please do not send any other information as it will be discarded. If you are unable to upload documents then please contact us to liaise with the Administrator.

Grant Offers

Successful organisations will be sent a letter confirming the grant offer and any conditions. The grant acceptance letter must be signed by a senior staff member within your organisation, preferably your Director/Chief Executive or Assistant Director. Unsuccessful applicants will also be advised in writing.

Reporting on the Grant

Grant-holders will be sent a short monitoring form to be completed and returned to the Trust at the end of the project. This form will be sent to you just before your project is due to end. Further applications from your organisation will not be considered unless this form has been submitted.


Unsuccessful applicants can re-apply after two years. Successful applicants will not be considered for a period of two years following receipt of a grant (or final payment of repeat funding).